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About Revised Google Play Store Policy for Rummy Apps in India

All About Google Play Store’s Revised Policy for Rummy Apps in India

In 2023, the government of India announced that it would impose a 28% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on real money games. In light of the updated GST regulation which would also affect rummy apps, it has now been decided that rummy apps verified by Self-Regulating Bodies (SRBs) will be allowed on Play Store in India by Google. 

State of Play

In September 2022, Google started allowing all fantasy sports and rummy apps in India on Play Store as part of a one-year trial. As this trial completes its one-year term on September 28, 2023, Google has devised a plan to restrict new rummy apps from joining this trial programme in compliance with the new IT Act. However, they are offering an extension until January 15, 2024 to the existing rummy apps on Play Store in India as long as they adhere to the new guidelines.

Revised IT Act

In April, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) released the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Amendment Rules, 2023 which, amongst others, allows Self-Regulatory Bodies (SRBs) to participate in defining the rules for real-money rummy apps in India. These new guidelines are expected to make it easier for any Indian rummy app to conduct their business within the legal framework in India.

How It’s Going

According to a report from Times Now, a Google spokesperson stated, “We intend to enable distribution on Google Play for all Self-Regulatory Bodies (SRB) verified online real money games that comply with our policies.” This means that the only condition they have is that these rummy apps must first be verified by Self-Regulatory Bodies (SRB) and must also adhere to Google’s policies and guidelines. Google will also ensure that online real-money rummy apps on its platform follow established rules and standards while monitoring the situation for any further decisions.

Impact on Online Rummy Apps

Amid the changes posed by the introduction of new GST Policy for Online Games, the new Google Play Store policy has the potential to significantly benefit all skill based online rummy apps and be a game changer.

Also, in order to promote a safe and secure gaming environment for users, all real-money online rummy apps on the Google Play Store must undergo a verification process conducted by Self Regulatory Bodies (SRBs). This verification procedure is essential to ensure that these rummy apps comply with established regulations.

In a competitive industry like online real cash rummy, it is crucial to reach as many potential users as possible. The presence of these rummy apps on the Google Play Store helps them reach a large pool of potential users. 

It’s safe to conclude that the regulatory changes initiated by Google will help these rummy apps discover their target group more efficiently and also build trust amongst their existing users. However the possibility of some initial impact of 28% GST on online gaming cannot be ruled out. But, experts opine that it will be beneficial for established and popular Indian Rummy apps in the long run.


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